My name is Jessica Militello and I am a freelance writer based in NYC.

I started my career focusing on feature articles and profiles of new businesses and individuals pursuing their dream careers and the very eclectic backgrounds and jobs they came from. My intention is to share inspiring stories with readers and hopefully make others pursue what they’re really passionate about.
In 2020, after freelance budget cuts due to the pandemic, I initially had an idea to start a site to at least keep writing stories while I figured out my next move. The opportunity to write about whatever I wanted without worrying about it being “publish-worthy” to publications opened up the possibility for editorials on more personal self-improvement topics that I’ve always wanted to write about in the past, but hadn’t gotten to the point in my own healing to write about. I had so much mental clutter from unhealed trauma, low self-worth, and wasting my time worrying about what other people thought of me as a distraction from focusing on and healing from how I felt about myself. I write editorials and feature articles to inspire and help readers to have more compassion for themselves, stop judging themselves for having certain feelings, doubts, fears, and worries that we all deal with, and getting past yourself to add to your self-worth, happiness, and peace of mind. I hope you read these topics and feel inspired, seen, more normal, and learn that all the things we are taught to look for outside of ourselves are within us all along as soon as you declutter your mind to truly find yourself.